Our Mission:
To make an impact, one company at a time

Our Vision:
To reverse the global impact of tossing of recyclable office waste
About the Company

  Papers Money Recycling has been servicing Santa Clara and the Silicon Valley for over 20 years. We have not had one single complaint thus far. The company originated with one man and one simple idea, to transition the recycling industry from a symbolic act to actual reality.  To clarify, symbolic recycling is simply placing a container next to a fax machine. Actual recycling is Papers Money Recycling. Our recycling containers are individually distributed to each cube and office in an effort to maximize the amount of waste being recycled. Most importantly, the containers are emptied by our staff. The result, garbage cans will exist for food waste only, everything else goes into our recycling containers and exits your building securly. Have confidence in knowing that your paper is transported directly, without third party involvement, to International Paper previously known as Weyerhauser, in Fremont California.

   We also provide off site shredding services. Two locked containers are provided based on the needs of your business. Pickups can be arranged on demand or automatically, at your liesure. On demand pickups are the most suitable for unpredictable or low volume circumstances as out of pocket expense is far less. Compare our costs to most other companies that conduct scheduled pickups irregardless of volume, you will see the difference. Additionally, the following items can be mixed with paper for shredding: CD ROMs, credit cards, floppy disks, books, binders, paper clips and staples.

   To add, we offer custom recycling services which means that we are on call for our clients as needed. Rest assured, we guarantee to make every effort to go above and beyond by providing the services your company needs at the time that it needs them. We come with liability insurance as well.
Papers Money
Recycling and Shredding services